The Atlantic Seaboard - an ideal investment choice

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Take a scenic drive along the Western Cape's Atlantic Seaboard from the V&A Waterfront out towards Green Point, Bantry Bay and Llandudno. You'll immediately see why the addresses in these suburbs, and others such as Clifton, Camps Bay and Sea Point, are so sought after and what makes this part of the world such an ideal property investment. Known as Cape Town's Riviera, this area is home to seemingly endless sea views and luxuriously appointed homes - all within a stone's throw of everything that people love about Cape Town. 

As a whole, Cape Town has been named one of the world's top 10 destinations, and it has also become an incredibly popular choice for real estate investors. The Atlantic Seaboard is no exception, and it is arguable that this area has even more to offer than other parts of Cape Town. An investment in property on the Atlantic Seaboard is an investment in unforgettable natural beauty - so it is hardly surprising that the area continues to enjoy the confidence of investors and has withstood the prevailing decline that the property market has experienced in other areas.

The front of a typical home on the Atlantic Seaboard can face onto sweeping vistas of the ocean, with the back door opening to breathtaking views of Signal Hill, the 12 Apostles Mountain Range and Table Mountain National Park. This is a drawcard for many potential buyers and tenants who want to enjoy the very best of what nature has to offer. Thanks to their proximity to the ocean and the expansive sea views that they offer, these properties will continue to appreciate in value.

Generally speaking, when one has a home with spectacular views, one ends up being far out of town and a fair distance from convenient amenities. This is not the case on the Atlantic Seaboard, where shops, pharmacies, spas and gyms are virtually on one's doorstep. With the V&A Waterfront, Sea Point Promenade and Table Mountain all within easy reach, the Atlantic Seaboard offers the best of every world. In addition, the area is an ideal choice for those with business interests in Cape Town's city centre, which is a mere 10 minutes away.

Tourism is one of the big factors that ensures that those who invest in property on the Atlantic Seaboard will see a return on their investment. With the City of Cape Town continuing to win awards and accolades, the influx of local and international visitors will only increase, leading to ongoing demand for high-end accommodation. An investment in the Atlantic Seaboard is an investment in a way of life that is increasingly sought after.

Ample space is high on the list of priorities for anybody looking to buy or rent a high-end luxury home, and investors around the world have recognised Cape Town, and specifically the Atlantic Seaboard, for the floor space that homes in the vicinity boast when compared to homes in cities such as New York, London and Sydney.

With the Western Cape's water woes being a thing of the past, the hesitation that buyers were showing is no longer. In addition to this, the fears that were prevailing around government's plans for land expropriation have been allayed, which has added to the feeling of stability. 

In short, the future is bright for the Atlantic Seaboard, and investors can look forward to a profitable future of the region's breathtaking sunsets, majestic views of nature and ever-increasing returns on investment. Having an address in any of the suburbs that make up the Atlantic Seaboard is immensely profitable - not only in financial terms but also in terms of lifestyle considerations.

Author: Chas Everitt Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl

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